September 19-21, 2023
San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Lee Byron
Lee Byron
Co-creator of GraphQL, Director of the GraphQL Foundation
Idit Levine
Idit Levine
Founder of
Marc-André Giroux
Marc-André Giroux
Author of Production Ready GraphQL, GraphQL TSC
Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein
Founder of The Guild, GraphQL TSC

GraphQLConf brings together the creators of some of the most important technologies behind GraphQL. These speakers will share their experience, insights and knowledge as they discuss the challenges facing the growing GraphQL ecosystem.

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GraphQLConf – is the official conference produced by the GraphQL Foundation that brings together the global community of GraphQL developers, leaders and innovators to further the education, adoption and advancement of GraphQL implementations in the industry.

In the 8 years of GraphQL being around, we have seen adoption across some of the largest organizations globally with homegrown implementations, open source tooling and several vendor solutions that have enabled the ease of adoption, implementation and management of GraphQL.

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In the 3 days of workshops, keynotes and talks from the ecosystems, GraphQLConf aims to be the forum where we bring the community together to share and learn about what’s working and where we need to innovate & collaborate to help business succeed with GraphQL.

GraphQLConf is particularly relevant for engineers, architects, and managers involved in:

  • Cloud Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Platform Engineering
  • Data Engineering
  • Technology Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Product Management

It is also a great place for GraphQL contributors, service providers, and those exploring GraphQL to learn about the technology, build connections within the community, and increase their knowledge about GraphQL powered application development.

Why Attend?

  • Learn about the latest developments in GraphQL and related technologies, including GraphQL Core and beyond.
  • Discover best practices and real-world use cases through engaging presentations and panel discussions.
  • Connect with leading companies that are using GraphQL to transform their businesses and industries.
  • Build your skills and deepen your understanding of GraphQL through workshops, tutorials, and code labs.
  • Network with a diverse and vibrant community of professionals who are passionate about GraphQL and its potential.






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