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Increase Your Productivity With No-Code GraphQL Mocking

Laurent Broudoux Profile Image
Laurent BroudouxPostman, Microcks co-founder, Director of Engineering at Postman Open Technologies

You're about to embark on a new adventure that incorporates GraphQL! Here's a filthy method for becoming a 10-x engineer: fake it until you make it! Mocking GraphQL allows you to better serve the business by providing clear descriptions of schemas, types, and examples. This also helps in the separation of front-end and back-end activities and in the testing of your future API. Join this session to learn more about getting started with GraphQL mocking without having to worry about coding or constructing your own fake server, thanks to Microcks! In this session, we will illustrate how to: shorten the feedback loop when designing a new API, speed-up development making autonomous teams, make your CI/CD pipeline rock-solid with automated tests inferred from mocks!