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WorkshopIntermediateGraphQL and Data

RSC + GraphQL + RedwoodJS: A New Era in Full-Stack Development

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Amy DuttonRedwoodJS, Lead Maintainer on the RedwoodJS Core Team

How can you ensure that your development workflow and process can accommodate growth? With the potential for more choices and complexity introduced by React Server Components, is it possible to avoid “analysis paralysis” due to more options? In this 1-2 hour workshop, we will explore a new workflow for dynamic full-stack applications using React Server Components (RSC) and GraphQL. Our focus will be on how RSC and GraphQL can co-exist and complement each other, allowing data to flow through your application and enabling it to scale and evolve as more features are added. We will cover server-side fetching with React Server components, how to use Redwood cells, and migrating to fragments. Additionally, we’ll review GraphQL fundamentals inside Redwood, including security concerns and best practices, directives, and authentication. You’ll leave this workshop with a workflow and process for designing and building full-stack applications in Redwood with scalability and simplicity.