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Keynote Session

Evolution of Application Networking Patterns with GraphQL

Keith Babo Profile Image
Keith BaboSolo.io, Product

As the adoption of GraphQL has grown, so too have the prevailing patterns for how GraphQL APIs are developed and deployed. Gone are the days where every GraphQL API was a development task to code, deploy, and manage GraphQL middleware connected to your data sources. Increasingly, GraphQL is supported as a native API for data sources, integrated directly in gateway routers and application sidecars, and provided directly in edge compute platforms and CDN providers. While this level of optimization is common as application protocols and languages reach widespread adoption, it’s critically important to understand the best practices and patterns for how GraphQL should be used at each layer of your application networking architecture. This talk will provide a survey of existing and emerging trends for application networking architectures with GraphQL, providing concrete examples and advice on how to build scalable and performant architectures for your GraphQL APIs.