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4 Steps to a Successful GraphQL API Program

Wednesday, September 20 / 02:50p.m. PDT - 03:20p.m. PDT
Jared Cheney Profile Image
Jared CheneyIntuit, Distinguished Engineer
Suresh Muthu Profile Image
Suresh MuthuIntuit, Principal Engineer

This session provides a concise and practical guide for businesses looking to create a successful GraphQL API program. Attendees will learn about the key components required to develop a well-defined and well-governed API program, including API specifications, governance and consistency, dev community & help, and closed-loop feedback. While there are a lot of guidelines and best practices for REST APIs in the industry, there are not yet as many guidelines for GraphQL. Intuit made over 56 million transactions with GraphQL over the 2023 tax peak season, and that number will only get larger from here. GraphQL adoption at this scale required us to build a robust API program with a centralized set of guidelines on how the schema should be composed, along with a community-driven review process and a firm but flexible governance framework. In this session, we will share insights and lessons learned using real-life examples from our GraphQL API Program, enabling attendees to apply these learnings to their own businesses. This session offers a valuable opportunity for businesses to develop their API programs and stay competitive.