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Keynote Session

Is a GraphQL BFF Necessary in a Server Side React World (RSC, SAs)?

Thursday, September 21 / 09:05a.m. PDT - 09:15a.m. PDT
Tanmai Gopal Profile Image
Tanmai GopalHasura, CEO & Co-Founder

With the introduction and rise in adoption of React Server Components and Server Actions (and as other UI frameworks embrace these ideas), is a GraphQL API layer that provides a "Backend For Frontend" type of abstraction going to be relevant? Where does GraphQL fit in and how might it evolve over the months to come? In this talk, I'll focus on specific technical and developer-experience benefits of a GraphQL and "server side React" overlap, along with some code examples. Next, I'll talk about areas where the value provided by GraphQL is orthogonal to the benefits of React Server Components and Server Actions. Finally, through this exploration and these examples, I'll end on an opinionated note that GraphQL's future is with Relay and its usage as a BFD 🤯 (?!), instead of a BFF.