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GraphQL in ProductionSession Presentations

Building a Serverless GraphQL Subscription Gateway for Event-Driven Architectures

Tuesday, September 10 / 01:30p.m. PDT - 02:00p.m. PDT
Christian Stangier Profile Image
Christian StangierMOIA GmbH, Senior Software Engineer
Kenneth Wußmann Profile Image
Kenneth WußmannMOIA GmbH, Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer

At MOIA we're working on a new approach to mobility using ride-pooling with autonomous vehicles. Running an autonomous fleet of vehicles requires access to real-time and low-latency telematic data. This data needs to be made accessible to our users on a fleet map to always have a detailed overview of the current fleet state. Using only queries and polling we quickly ran into scalability issues and had to rethink our approach. Therefore we went to the drawing board and designed and built a serverless architecture on top of AWS and GraphQL over WebSocket to support our stream-aligned teams in building serverless subscriptions in a microservice environment. Watch a replay of our journey enabling other teams to effortlessly push updates to their users using a shared subscription gateway.