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GraphQL ClientSession Presentations

The Power of Strongly Coupled GraphQL Queries for Internal APIs - Mary Briskin, Tutored by Teacher

Tuesday, September 10 / 11:30a.m. PDT - 12:00p.m. PDT

The purpose of this talk is to communicate the value of writing focused code, avoiding over-generalization. This presentation argues that fetching data in the exact shape we want it is more valuable than reusability when it comes to internal APIs. The audience will learn about the benefits of tightly coupling your pages and GraphQL queries: - Avoid front-end data manipulation - rigid schema types that are too closely tied to your data models require messy data aggregation in the front-end - Easier to change - changing a type doesn't have cascading consequences when it is only used by a single query - More explicit about being single-use - the alternative is often to add generic-sounding fields to your graphQL schema even when they will only ever be used in a single place ~~~ Learn the benefits of tailoring your private GraphQL APIs to be highly specific. This focused approach not only simplifies front-end development but also boosts back-end performance, allowing for rapid adaptations and enhanced efficiency. Discover how crafting precise queries can lead to cleaner and faster code.