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You're Our Universe: GraphQL Community Update 2024

Wednesday, September 11 / 03:55p.m. PDT - 04:05p.m. PDT
Benjie Gillam Profile Image
Benjie GillamGraphile, GraphQL Community Gardener

The GraphQL ecosystem is vast, composed of tools and libraries in many programming languages, people and organizations from across the globe, and a plethora of maintainers, contributors and developers pulling them together. The primary mission of the GraphQL Foundation is to ensure that the GraphQL community is able to focus on the continued evolution of the specification, the shared contract that competitors and collaborators alike implement to enable maximal interoperability. This talk is to thank YOU, the GraphQL community, and highlight some of the heroes that have arisen to heed this call. Find out about their efforts over the last year improving our shared specifications, implementations, documentation, tooling, tests, and websites; about how you can get involved and help shape GraphQL to fit your organization's needs; about the support we have available; and about other community initiatives you may wish to avail yourself of.