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GraphQL Docs: Beyond the Schema

Wednesday, September 11 / 11:30a.m. PDT - 12:00p.m. PDT
Sarah Sanders Profile Image
Sarah SandersHighnote, Technical Writer

GraphQL Docs: Beyond the Schema is a presentation focusing on how Technical Writers and DevEx teams can enhance developer experience with interactive documentation. I hope to inspire DevEx teams and Technical Writers to consider GraphQL as more than just "self-documenting." The problem I will present is that I want more than a schema as a developer. I want to know how to use the schema to build my product. The solution to the problem will focus on interactive documentation by defining what makes it interactive, for example, embedded code samples linked to a user's sandbox environment. I will then explore how DevEx teams can implement these elements to create interactive documentation for their GraphQL API. I expect the audience to gain insight into exactly how they can create their own interactive GraphQL documentation and best practices. This presentation will help better the ecosystem by highlighting the pain points of GraphQL documentation as it exists today, emphasizing the need to create interactive documentation for developers working with GraphQL, and enforcing the importance of creating rich developer experiences.