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Schema Scoring: Ensuring Schema Excellence in GraphQL

Wednesday, September 11 / 02:10p.m. PDT - 02:40p.m. PDT
Christian Ernst Profile Image
Christian ErnstBooking.com, Senior Software Engineer

At Booking.com we have scaled to over 120+ subgraphs and that number continues to grow rabidly as we modernize our frontend and backend. As subgraphs develop it has begun to be impossible for one to team to oversee all of the changes to the graph because of the rapid changes that occur from teams. As we have grown we created best practices and guidelines fro GraphQL. We soon recognised this was not enough and there was the need to track the quality of schemas over time automatically and in a way that can provide actionable feedback to teams. At Booking.com we have developed the infrastructure to analyse schemas beyond standard linting to help improve the quality of the Graph across the board enabling better developer experience for everyone.