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Federation and Composite SchemaSession Presentations

The State of Distributed GraphQL

Wednesday, September 11 / 03:40p.m. PDT - 04:10p.m. PDT
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Michael StaibChilliCream, Michael Staib

The GraphQL community has come together to standardize how people can build distributed systems with GraphQL as an orchestrator. In this talk I will explain the general idea that we have for GraphQL as an Orchestrator in this space and how the new specification is tackling this. We will look at the progress we have made since last GraphQL Conf in the GraphQL composite schema working group and also get some sneak peaks at our early RFCs and prototypes. I will outline how this new specification is taking the best ideas of existing solutions in the market to make the next big leap towards mainstream adoption. This will allow anyone to build tooling by implementing the spec or parts of the spec that seamlessly integrate with other vendors.