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GraphQL at the Edge with WebAssembly

Tuesday, September 10 / 11:30a.m. PDT - 12:00p.m. PDT
Ramnivas Laddad Profile Image
Ramnivas LaddadExograph, Co-founder

WebAssembly is reshaping our approach to software execution units and components. With its ecosystem maturing--the ability to deploy with multiple cloud providers, the standardization of WebAssembly Components, and the rise of WASI--its potential is fast becoming a reality. WebAssembly is especially suitable for running server-side code at the edge, where resource constraints and security concerns are paramount. To realize the full potential of running API servers at the edge--lowered latency, reduced costs, and improved scalability--we must rethink our approach to building and deploying servers. GraphQL is particularly well-suited for edge deployments. It not only reduces the number of trips between the client and the server but also allows implementations to optimize the whole query to reduce round trips to the data server. In this session, we will explore how to target a Rust implementation of GraphQL server to WebAssembly. We'll also look into how this fits within the WebAssembly ecosystem and how you can run these servers even in your browser.