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Schema-Driven UI Components: Revolutionizing Headless ERP with GraphQL

Wednesday, September 11 / 01:30p.m. PDT - 02:00p.m. PDT
Masanori Uehara Profile Image
Masanori UeharaTailor Inc., Head of Platform
Seiya Izumi Profile Image
Seiya IzumiTailor Inc., Lead Architect

Modern ERPs must be highly customizable and easily integrated with other systems while generating UI components on top should be seamless. In this talk, we will explore why GraphQL, with its robust and flexible querying capabilities, is exceptionally suited for developing modern ERP solutions. In addition, we’ll explore the technical aspects of generating front-end UI components directly from the GraphQL schema, what we call Schema-Driven UI, not Server-Driven UI. This approach is particularly beneficial in the ERP domain, where dynamic and complex data interactions are common. Automating the process of generating UI components directly from the Schema ensures consistency across systems by keeping everything in sync.