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GraphQL SpecSession Presentations

Advancing the Web for Local-First and Reactive Architectures with GraphQL Live Queries

Wednesday, September 11 / 11:30a.m. PDT - 12:00p.m. PDT
Omri Bruchim Profile Image
Omri BruchimStealth, CTO & Co-Founder @ Stealth

The web feels ready for a major upgrade. "Local-first" is emerging as a paradigm that shifts reads and writes to an embedded database in each client, facilitated by “sync engines” that handle data exchange between clients and servers. Applications like Figma and Linear have pioneered this approach, and it's becoming increasingly accessible. The benefits are manifold (built-in support for real-time sync, offline usage, collaborative apps, Faster UX) While GraphQL Subscriptions have been part of the GraphQL Specification for some time, GraphQL Live Queries remain an RFC and are not yet standardized. In this talk, we will: - Recap GraphQL Live Queries and it's role in real-time applications - Explore current Live Query solutions - Discuss the challenges and benefits of real-time and reactive applications - Challenges in such implementation like (Maintaining a local state synchronized with the server, managing partial materialized views, Utilizing CRDTs for parallel mutation handling and more) The talk will conclude with a demo of an application utilizing Custom GraphQL Live Queries, showcasing its architecture and capabilities.