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GraphQL ClientSession Presentations

Championing the GraphQL Client in a Modern Platform

Tuesday, September 10 / 02:10p.m. PDT - 02:40p.m. PDT
Jeff Auriemma Profile Image
Jeff AuriemmaApollo GraphQL, Senior Engineering Manager

GraphQL is becoming the preferred choice for enterprise API development. That means that more and more app developers are adopting GraphQL client libraries as part of a larger platform strategy rather than building their own BFFs. Platform owners, engineering leaders, toolmakers, and application developers can leverage this adoption pattern to set their teams up with an easy on-ramp and a roadmap for long-term success. My talk will outline the design features common across GraphQL client libraries and why they are essential for platform engineers to understand. I’ll share insights my team has gathered from our open-source projects, user interviews, and surveys that reveal how GraphQL newcomers and veterans relate to these tools. All of this will be tied together with some practical advice for every stage of the adoption journey: crawl, walk, run.