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Wednesday, Sep 2010:50 a.m. - 11:20 a.m. PDT
Room: Grand Peninsula E
Session PresentationIntermediatePlatform and Backend

The Future of Efficiency Is Here: Add Planning to Your Schema!

Benjie Gillam, Graphile

Discover an entirely new approach to GraphQL execution that enables engineers to build next-level efficiency into new or existing GraphQL APIs – improving application performance, reducing operational costs, and delivering delightful user experiences. Learn how, by using a declarative analog to resolvers, your schema can gain a full understanding of the incoming GraphQL request and optimize communications with your business logic, enabling fewer and more efficient operations against your backend services and data sources. A passion project of one of the top contributors to the GraphQL specification, this MIT-licensed open source technology will support JavaScript at launch and, with the help of the community, is hopefully coming to other programming languages soon!

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Benjie GillamGraphile, Maintainer