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Session PresentationAdvancedGraphQL in Production

The evolution of the GraphQL Orchestrator powering Intuit Consumer Apps

Ashpak Shaikh Profile Image
Ashpak ShaikhIntuit, Sr Staff Software Engineer

This session will talk about the GraphQL journey at Intuit discussing what challenges we faced while scaling the GraphQL ecosystem at Intuit as the number of GraphQL microservices grew. We will focus on the internal GraphQL Orchestrator implementation that powers the Consumer Group, combining 50+ microservices that serve 150+ clients spanning multiple Intuit applications like Mint, TurboTax, Turbo Tax Live, and Virtual Expert Platform.

The session will cover the following topics
* The combination of Recursive Schema Stitching + Apollo Federation for schema composition.
* Inclusion of REST microservices in the GraphQL Ecosystem using declarative Adapters.
* Securing the unified graph using GraphQL Authorization and user consent checks.
* Loosely coupled registration of microservices with the GraphQL gateway using AWS S3 as persistence.
* Our journey to open source the orchestrator implementation.