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Session PresentationIntermediateGraphQL in Production

GraphQL in Production: Empowering Efficient Data Retrieval and Unleashing Developer Productivity

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Seddik BenaissaNortheastern University, Graduate Researcher

Join me in this talk as we delve into the realm of GraphQL in practical applications. Experience firsthand how GraphQL has revolutionized the way we retrieve data. Discover the hurdles encountered with traditional APIs, such as bloated payloads and sluggish response times. Witness the tremendous success and influence of adopting GraphQL, the robust query language for APIs. Unearth real-life examples, best practices, and valuable lessons from implementing GraphQL in a production environment. Gain valuable insights into customizing data queries, optimizing performance, and enhancing developer efficiency. This presentation is essential for software engineers and developers eager to harness the power of GraphQL, conquer data retrieval obstacles, and unleash the full potential of their systems.