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Session PresentationIntermediateGraphQL in Production

Supercharging GraphQL with Envoy: Unveiling the Efficiency of Declarative GraphQL

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Sai Ekbotesolo.io, Mr.

Over the past decade of GraphQL, many implementations have emerged from the community, primarily that of imperative approaches to GraphQL. However, recently we have seen an uptick in implementations that allow for declarative configuration of GraphQL schemas and resolvers. These declarative approaches offer new possibilities in terms of managing and scaling GraphQL APIs. In this talk, we will dive into the challenges of implementing a declarative API for GraphQL and explore the solutions that exist in the ecosystem. Firstly, we will introduce several prominent solutions that enable declarative configuration of GraphQL APIs, such as Gloo GraphQL, GraphQL Mesh, and StepZen. We will compare and contrast these solutions, highlighting their unique features, capabilities, and integration possibilities with existing infrastructure. We will then delve into the more technical aspects and challenges of implementing a highly performant GraphQL server that we built-in as a component of the industry standard Envoy proxy. By the end of this talk, attendees will be left with a comprehensive understanding of declarative GraphQL and the solutions available in the ecosystem.