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Session PresentationAdvancedGraphQL in Production

CANCELED: Building Mission Control: A More Reliable, Better Performing, Drop-in Replacement for Apollo Uplink. - Michael Edelman, EdelOrg

Mission Control is a drop-in, enterprise-grade solution, written in rust, that, once and for all, solves the reliability, availability, and performance issues that have, up until now, beguiled Apollo's Uplink service and, thus, limited the appeal of "managed federation" in mission-critical applications generally. Here, we will discuss the challenges and issues that led us here, our motivation for replacing Apollo Uplink as the single source of truth for our supergraph schemas, the alternative solutions we considered, and, finally, why we decided to take the path that we did--essentially reinventing the wheel--and where we plan to take it going forward. Attendees will leave with a deep understanding of the tradeoffs with respect to managed federation in mission critical environments, specifically as they relate to use of Apollo's Uplink service as a single source of truth. Moreover, attendees will walk away with a general plan for how to mitigate the challenges and limitations above, using Mission Control as the seminal example.