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GraphQL Mesh - A Federated Gateway for Any API Protocol - GraphQL, OpenAPI, gRPC and More

Arda Tanrıkulu Profile Image
Arda TanrıkuluThe Guild, Open Source Developer
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Gil GardoshThe Guild, Open Source Developer

The GraphQL Mesh platform changes a lot of the traditional ideas about GraphQL and its relationship with other API protocols.

It can automatically generate a GraphQL API from OpenAPI/Swagger, gRPC, SOAP, oData and many other sources/protocols without changing the source.

The Guild has used GraphQL Mesh and its individual capabilities to help developers integrate and adopt GraphQL in places they never thought were possible and in extreme quickness, thanks to the fact that

  • You don't need to migrate your existing none GraphQL services in order to benefit from GraphQL
  • You can federate any service, even if its not GraphQL
  • Transform and manipulate services data (Naming Conventions, filter, middlewares)
  • Add powerful gateway plugins (caching, tracing, security)
  • Create a powerful gateway and run it anywhere (Cloudflare Workers, Deno, etc...)
  • And even run it all on the client side

In this workshop, we will go through the many novel ideas behind GraphQL Mesh, see them in action and learn how to use this complete API platform today on your existing codebase.

We will leave time for an open Q&A session where we can talk in-depth about your current setups and how you could leverage The Guild's ecosystem of tools.