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GraphQL Foundation Monthly Newsletter March 2021

GraphQL Foundation Monthly Newsletter March 2021

by GraphQL Foundation

GraphQL has redefined how developers work with APIs and client-server interactions. And as the community works hard to foster the growth and adoption of GraphQL, we are excited to share the work of the community and discussions via the monthly GraphQL Foundation newsletter.

GraphQL reached new heights in 2020 and is only poised to continue its meteoric rise in 2021. Thank you again for your involvement in this project and your support of the GraphQL Foundation. We are excited for another productive year!

Working Group Updates

GraphQL Foundation marketing committee

The newly created GraphQL Foundation marketing committee is responsible for coordinating marketing activities in support of the Foundation and the projects. They meet regularly, and welcome participation from Foundation and community members.

The meeting agendas and minutes are open and available in meetings/. We generally meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at 9am PT. To be added to the recurring invite, please contact operations@graphql.org.

Allowing fields to diverge more

This is one of the most complicated validation rules, which is about overlapping fields and not forcing to ensure every field is unique in a query, especially if you compose queries. They have to be merged together and ensure the field is only executed once. There’s a rule to ensure this merging can be done.

The working group has agreed to add prose or a non-normative note to this validation rule to explain this.

Operation Expressions

Operation expressions is an extension to the Schema Coordinates syntax that allows for a host of new use cases. Outlined here are some of the use cases that have been discussed so far, and have iterated on the syntax, but everything in this is very much in flux.

Directions via introspection report

Custom directives are not currently introspectable. This has been a big discussion over the years. Recently, graphql-java has implemented (almost merged) the ability to query directive by introspection.

Oneof Input Objects and Oneof Fields

Oneof Input Objects are a special variant of Input Objects where the type system asserts that exactly one of the fields must be set and non-null, all others being omitted. This is represented in introspection with the __Type.oneField: Boolean field, and in SDL via the @oneOf directive on the input object. The working group has agreed to Contribute syntax thoughts and on the RFC itself, and write an implementation in GraphQL.js

In Other News…

Upcoming Events

  • The GraphQL community will come together once again for GraphQL Summit April 7th & 8th

Get Involved!

Developers can get involved in the community and contribute to the project at https://github.com/graphql.

Organizations interested in becoming members of the GraphQL Foundation or the GraphQL Specification can learn more on our member page. If you have questions about membership, please send an email to membership@graphql.org.