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GraphQL Logo & Brand Guidelines

Here you’ll find dos and don’ts for use of the GraphQL brand and GraphQL logo files in supported arrangement and colors.

”GraphQL” is a trademark managed by the GraphQL Foundation. Use of the trademark and logo are subject to the LF Projects trademark policy.

Certain fair use of the GraphQL mark are pre-approved, such as factual references to the project. Others require permission first, such as apparel for sale or any other commercial purpose, using the word GraphQL in domain names, or using the mark on printed materials, to name a few. You can find a more comprehensive list in the trademark policy.

Please email info@graphql.org with any questions or requests.

The GraphQL™ Trademark

The word “GraphQL” may only be used to refer to the GraphQL project and technologies which conform to the GraphQL specification.

  • Do keep the “GraphQL” word consistent, with the first letter and QL capitalized.
  • Do use “GraphQL” to clearly describe the GraphQL project or a conforming technology.
    • GraphQL for Go
    • Quick Start to GraphQL by <company>
  • Do provide clear attribution for projects, services and events, balancing “GraphQL” with your own brand.
    • <service> for GraphQL by <company>
    • Seattle GraphQL Meetup hosted by <company>
  • Don’t lowercase or abbreviate “GraphQL” (for example “Graphql” or “GQL”).
  • Don’t directly combine “GraphQL” with another trademark or generic term.
    • Go GraphQL
    • GraphQL Quick Start by <company>
  • Don’t use “GraphQL” in a way that could imply partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by the GraphQL project or GraphQL Foundation either directly or by omission.
  • Don’t use the GraphQL brand disparagingly or in any other way that violates our code of conduct.

Color & Typeface

Our core color is called Rhodamine.

The GraphQL wordmark and headlines are set in Rubik Light.


0.8824, 0, 0.5961
225, 0, 152 / #E10098
Rhodamine Red C
5, 92, 0, 0

Rubik Light

Open Font License
GraphQL ÅBCørm123
  • Do use Rhodamine alongside grayscale or neutral colors.
  • Do prefer the P3 wide gamut color over RGB in digital; the PMS spot color over CMYK process in print.
  • Do use Rubik Light with optical kerning and standard letter spacing.
  • Don’t use Rhodamine for large background areas.
  • Don’t directly combine Rhodamine with other bright or saturated colors.
  • Don’t bold, italicize, or alter the letter spacing of the GraphQL wordmark.

GraphQL Logo & Hexagraph

Our logomark is called the “hexagraph”. The GraphQL logo is composed of the hexagraph and the GraphQL wordmark set in Rubik Light.

GraphQL logo
GraphQL logo with wordmarkGraphQL Foundation logo wordmark
GraphQL logo stackedGraphQL Foundation logo stacked
  • Do prefer the horizontal logo, but use the stacked logo at larger sizes.
  • Do use the provided assets, don’t redraw the hexgraph.
  • Don’t rotate or stretch the hexagraph. Position the inner triangle pointing upwards.
  • Don’t remove or add any elements within the hexagraph, or combine with another logo.
  • Don’t decorate or add effects to any part of the logo.
  • Don’t resize or reposition elements of the hexagraph.
  • Don’t resize or reposition the wordmark relative to the hexagraph.
  • Don’t change the typeface of the wordmark.


Give the logo some space to breathe. Keep a clear space of at least half the height of the hexagraph along on all sides.

GraphQL LogoGraphQL Logo

Color use

The GraphQL logo should appear in Rhodamine, white, or black. It may appear on any color background with the appropriate logo color.

  • Do prefer Rhodamine on a white background, our default color combination.
  • Do otherwise prefer use the white logo on most backgrounds unless contrast requires use of black.
  • Don’t use black on a background of Rhodamine.
  • Don’t use Rhodamine on a color or patterned background; use white instead.
  • Don’t use different colors or apply gradients to the logo.
  • Don’t use different colors for elements of the logo. Always use the same color for the hexagraph and wordmark.

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