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Supporting Contributors: The GraphQL Community Grant Program Refresh

Supporting Contributors: The GraphQL Community Grant Program Refresh

by Jory Burson and Benjie Gillam

The GraphQL Foundation is thrilled to announce significant updates to our Community Grant Program, now more streamlined and aligned with the foundation’s core projects!

Improved process

We’ve revamped the application process to accept submissions year-round, ensuring your innovative ideas get the attention they deserve promptly. Our focus is sharper than ever, with grants specifically aimed at projects tied closely to the GraphQL Foundation’s efforts, including code and documentation contributions to our repositories on GitHub and enhancements to the graphql.org website.

Rather than our previous twice-annual review process, our new process will perform basic appropriateness checks on a much higher cadence, and will pass suitable applications to the TSC for review. This should result in faster turnaround times, ensuring that your critical work gets the support it needs when it needs it!

Apply now!

Whether it’s completing an important RFC task, polishing a major pull request, educating users with excellent content and documentation, engaging in community advocacy, or improving the user experience on our platforms, we’re looking for your unique contributions. Don’t miss this chance to make an impact on the GraphQL ecosystem.

For a detailed overview of the grant scope, application guidelines, and how your project can contribute to the GraphQL community, we invite you to visit our dedicated program page.

Join us in shaping the future of GraphQL; apply today and make your mark!