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GraphQL Foundation

What does the GraphQL Foundation do?

The primary responsibility of the Foundation is to set policy and allocate the budget to maximize the sustainability of the GraphQL community. Members participate on a governing board that meets monthly and decides how to allocate its funding.

Where does the funding go when I become a member?

The GraphQL Foundation is funded exclusively through the support of our members. The governing board sets an annual budget to use the dues to the maximum benefit of the community. Ways the Foundation distributes the money raised through memberships include:

  • Providing grants and sponsorship to core community developers who are working in neutral roles.
  • Funding core community IT infrastructure.
  • Funding coordination, financial, and legal support programs for the Foundation and the GraphQL project ecosystem.
  • Other community and developer support programs.

The GraphQL Foundation budget is realigned as the needs of the community change.

How are decisions made?

As with other Linux Foundation projects, the governing board makes decisions through votes. Every vote is equal and no members have special voting rights or privileges. The charter currently limits the governing board to 25 members.

Who can join the GraphQL Foundation?

GraphQL Foundation membership is open to companies who wish to support the GraphQL ecosystem. As the GraphQL Foundation is hosted at the Linux Foundation, members must also join the Linux Foundation.

Do I need to join the Foundation to participate in GraphQL development?

No, Foundation membership is separate from the technical development community. There is no cost to participate in GraphQL development, although you must sign the free GraphQL Specification membership agreement in order to participate. These two things are different from each other.

Members join the Foundation in order to provide essential funding and participate in the decisions on how it is used. Developers join the GraphQL Specification in order to contribute ideas, code, and other content. Many companies do both.

How do I participate in technical development?

We would love to have you! The best place to get started is the GraphQL Working Group, which meets monthly. Open a PR to add yourself to the agenda, and you are welcome to join.

Otherwise, you can get involved in any of our other projects.

Who founded the organization?

The GraphQL Foundation was founded by Apollo, AWS, Butterfly Network, Dgraph Labs, Facebook, Gatsby, GraphZen, Hasura, IBM, Intuit, Neo4j, Novvum, Pipefy, Salsify, Solo.io and Thicit.

Who is currently a member?

You can learn more about our membership on the GraphQL Foundation membership page.

How do we join?

You can become a member of GraphQL Foundation and the Linux Foundation by completing our membership application form.