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What is the best way to follow specification releases?

The latest working draft release of the GraphQL specification can be found at spec.graphql.org/draft. Previous editions are also available at permalinks that match their release tag.

The entire process behind each release is open source. You can monitor specification proposals by following pull requests in the graphql-spec repository. You can also watch past GraphQL Working Group discussions about various proposals on YouTube.

How can I contribute to the GraphQL specification?

GraphQL is still evolving and contributions are very welcome! The specification (including the latest working draft) is open source. Contributor guidelines are available on GitHub.

There are more ways to get involved with GraphQL beyond the specification though. Updating the content on this website and the documentation, for example. Or contributing to graphql-js, graphql-http, GraphiQL, or one of the many other projects maintained by the GraphQL Foundation.

What is GraphQL Specification membership?

The GraphQL Specification and the associated reference implementations are a Joint Development Foundation project (also part of the Linux Foundation family). Individual or corporate contributors sign a document at no cost that they agree their contributions are under the open source licenses of the project. Because this is not GraphQL Foundation membership, specification members do not decide how to spend the budget.

To sign the GraphQL Specification membership document, open a PR against any GraphQL repo on GitHub.

If your organization uses and benefits from GraphQL, please consider becoming a member of both by opening a PR on behalf of your company and joining the GraphQL Foundation.

Where is the documentation for subscriptions?

It’s not on this website yet, but we’re working on it. If you’d like to help write guides on subscriptions, please let us know.

For now, the specification includes details for how to write and execute subscriptions.