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Contribute to GraphQL
Participating in Development

Participating in Development

GraphQL is developed in the open, through GitHub and working group meetings that are open for anyone to attend (so long as they are covered under the free membership agreement). In addition, anybody is welcome to view the recordings of our meetings on YouTube

First steps

If you want to get involved in GraphQL, add yourself to the meeting agenda for one of our working groups or implementations, sign the document if you haven’t already, and show up! Or, if you prefer, just open a PR against our projects as this will also initiate the spec membership signature process.

We welcome your participation!

Getting up to speed

All of our work happens in the open. In addition, we record our workgroups’ meetings on YouTube. If you are interested in quickly getting up to speed on what’s happening in a working group, the meeting minutes and replays are a great place to begin.

Asking questions

The best place to ask a development-related question is in a working group meeting, or by opening a GitHub issue. Please note that if you have an implementation question, you may get a faster answer by asking in one of the channels more geared toward users.