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How GraphQL Is Developed

How GraphQL Is Developed

At its core, the GraphQL project is organized around the specification, with a wide variety of supporting implementations and tools.

GraphQL has an active and mutually beneficial relationship with its many implementations. The GraphQL specification is continuously evolving under the care of the GraphQL Working Group, which consists of GraphQL spec experts, contributors to public reference implementations, and implementers. At any given time, GraphQL specification updates are a combination of anticipatory planning with documentation of patterns and behaviors that are already proven in production, sometimes at very large scale.

Working Groups

The GraphQL specification, sub-specifications, and official reference implementations are developed using the working group model. The working groups meet monthly or as-needed in order to review ideas and plan their work.

The GraphQL Working Group

The GraphQL Working Group is the main group that plans and implements changes to the GraphQL specification. It meets actively and is the default place for discussion for topics which do not have a separate breakout working group (breakout working groups include the Input Union WG and the GraphQL-over-HTTP WG).