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Project Meetings

Project Meetings

All GraphQL technical meetings are open to anyone who is interested, so long as they first complete the GraphQL Specification Membership agreement.

All GraphQL technical meetings should appear on the GraphQL public calendar. If a project’s meeting isn’t on the calendar or is incorrect, please email operations@graphql.org.

  • Who can join GraphQL technical meetings: Anyone who has signed the free GraphQL Specification Membership agreement.

  • How to join: Each GraphQL project must maintain an agenda document for each meeting, and each attendee must add themselves to it prior to attending. To join, open a PR to add your name to the attendee list on an upcoming meeting’s agenda (for example, the GraphQL Working Group or GraphQL.js). The agenda document will have the date, time and Zoom links.


IMPORTANT: Your PR against the agenda must be merged before you can attend. If the EasyCLA bot says you are not covered, you need to follow the links in the bot’s comment to sign the GraphQL Specification Membership agreement before you can attend.

If you have questions about this process, please ask operations@graphql.org.

GraphQL Working Group / TSC meeting

The GraphQL Working Group meets on the first Thursday of each month. When there are topics to address, the GraphQL Technical Steering Committee (TSC) may meet briefly prior to the start of the Working Group meeting.

The goal of the working group meeting is to discuss current work and future plans for the GraphQL specification. The Working Group meeting is also the place to coordinate between other GraphQL working groups and reference implementations.

To join, add yourself to an upcoming meeting agenda.

GraphQL.js Working Group meeting

The GraphQL.js working group meets the second Tuesday of each month. The goal is to plan development work and resolve issues with GraphQL.js.

To join, add yourself to an upcoming meeting agenda.