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GraphQL Conf

GraphQL Conf

By the community and for the community, GraphQLConf is a vendor-neutral event that brings together core contributors, community members, open source leaders, academics, vendors, and industry practitioners to discuss recent work, share techniques, and plan for the future.

GraphQLConf 2024

We’re looking forward to GraphQLConf 2024 in SF Bay Area, CA on September 10-12, 2024.

Join us by registering, consider submitting a talk, and help produce an incredible event by sponsoring us.

GraphQLConf 2023

GraphQL Conf 2023 marked a major success! See the recorded sessions.

GraphQLConf 2022

The GraphQL Foundation’s inaugural GraphQL Conf was co-located with OpenJS World and cdCon in Austin, TX on June 7-8, 2022. This collaborator summit-style event provided an opportunity for core GraphQL spec and implementation developers to meet in-person, discuss recent work, and plan for the future. All attendees of OpenJS World and cdCon were welcome.

Talks covered:

  • Recent activity in the GraphQL specification working group, such as Defer and Stream, Input Unions, and Client-Controlled Nullability.
  • Downstream implementations of GraphQL
  • Security considerations
  • Common practices and lessons learned

Recordings of the sessions are available on our YouTube channel.