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About the Foundation

What is the GraphQL Foundation?

The GraphQL Foundation is a neutral foundation founded by global technology and application development companies. The GraphQL Foundation encourages contributions, stewardship, and a shared investment from a broad group in vendor-neutral events, documentation, tools, and support for GraphQL.

GraphQL was created in 2012 and open sourced by Facebook in 2015. In 2019, Facebook and others created the GraphQL Foundation as a neutral, non-profit home for the GraphQL assets and ongoing collaboration, and hosted by The Linux Foundation. The GraphQL Foundation is a fully neutral home for the GraphQL trademark, and provides a means of collecting and distributing membership dues to support core community infrastructure and programs.

The GraphQL Foundation supports the community

The primary mission of the GraphQL Foundation is to ensure that the GraphQL community is able to focus on the continued evolution of the specification and reference implementations. We accomplish this through a number of core activities:

  • Funding grants for project maintainers and community gardeners.
  • Coordinating and funding mentorship programs.
  • Providing collaboration infrastructure.
  • Managing the GraphQL trademark and related policies.
  • Providing legal support for projects.
  • Operational and logistical support through The Linux Foundation.

The GraphQL Foundation works in close collaboration with the GraphQL Working Group and the GraphQL TSC.

Members support the GraphQL Foundation

The GraphQL Foundation would like to thank our current members for their ongoing support to ensure the sustainability of the GraphQL ecosystem. Learn more about how your company can demonstrate its commitment to GraphQL by becoming a member of the GraphQL Foundation.

If you have questions, you can reach out to membership@graphql.org.