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GraphQL for Users

The following resources are intended to help users and implementers. Find something useful? Please add it to the list!

Please note that the GraphQL Foundation does not provide support or services, and cannot recommend one vendor's product over another.

Training courses#

A number of GraphQL training courses are available.

Where to ask questions#

Stack Overflow#

Many members of the community use Stack Overflow to ask and answer questions. If you're running into an implementation issue or having trouble with a query, this is the best place to start.

Read through the existing questions tagged with graphql or ask your own!

Live discussion#

Many GraphQL developers idle in Discord, Slack, and IRC for live communication and can answer quick questions.

Please be patient and polite. These are not explicitly user support channels, although they're likely a good place to find someone who can answer your question if you ask nicely.

Vendor channels#

The following channels are maintained by vendors, and may be a good place to find help on their products.

Blogs and Newsletters#

Popular sources to learn and keep track of the GraphQL Ecosystem

Individual Posts#

Here are a list of notable blog posts to help you better understand GraphQL:


Developers inside and outside of Facebook have given talks about GraphQL at conferences and meetups around the world. Here are some of our favorites:


More Resources#

To explore other community-developed resources and content about GraphQL, take a look at these sites:

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