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The official GraphQL conference, hosted by the GraphQL Foundation.

GraphQL Conf

By the community and for the community, GraphQLConf is a vendor-neutral event that brings together core contributors, community members, open source leaders, academics, vendors, and industry practitioners to discuss recent work, share techniques, and plan for the future.

GraphQLConf 2023#

We're looking forward to GraphQLConf 2023 in SF Bay Area, CA on September 19-21, 2023.

Join us by registering, consider submitting a talk, and help produce an incredible event by sponsoring us.

GraphQLConf 2022#

The GraphQL Foundation's inaugural GraphQL Conf was co-located with OpenJS World and cdCon in Austin, TX on June 7-8, 2022. This collaborator summit-style event provided an opportunity for core GraphQL spec and implementation developers to meet in-person, discuss recent work, and plan for the future. All attendees of OpenJS World and cdCon were welcome.

Talks covered:

  • Recent activity in the GraphQL specification working group, such as Defer and Stream, Input Unions, and Client-Controlled Nullability.
  • Downstream implementations of GraphQL
  • Security considerations
  • Common practices and lessons learned

Recordings of the sessions are available on our YouTube channel.

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